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Serving Central Vermont And The Surrounding Areas.

We Also Do Small Container Rental Service!

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We Will Haul Your Trash Away At An Affordable Price

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Trash Removal
Trash Removal
Interior Cleanout
Exterior Cleanout
Mattress Removal
Appliance Removal
Metal Recycling
Tire Recycling
Trailer Rental
Small Demolition
Light Demolition
Car Removal

Trash And Property Cleaning Experts

Do you have an attic full of junk? Has your basement been filled to the brim with trash and debris? At Trash Services & Recycling in East Barre, Vermont, We provide reliable trash, tire, light demolition, and metal recycling services that can clear your trash, appliances or stuff, and tires from your home and dispose of it properly without you ever having to lift a finger.

For over 30 years, we have provided reliable trash removal and recycling services throughout Central Vermont, and Surrounding Communities. Let us continue providing our high-quality services for your benefit.

We can clear out your attic, basement, garage, shed, barn and grounds from the inside out!
Serving Central Vermont And Surrounding Areas.

Meet Our Public Relations Manager.

If you happen to see this goose when we’re working don’t worry, he’s with us! Mr. Honk has been a member of the Trash Services & Recycling team for a couple of years and has been known to come out to jobs with us to make sure we get the job done right. As the head of our PR team, Mr. Honk takes his job very seriously and enjoys meeting with our clients. So don’t be surprised if he comes up to say hi!

Our Services Include:

Trash & Junk Removal

Light Demolition

Metal Recycling

Tire Removal & Automotive Recycling

We Also Do Small Container Rental Service! Call Us For More Information.

*Note we do not provide weekly curbside pickup services.

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Our residential and commercial trash hauling services are provided at an affordable price that won’t break your budget. When you are ready to have your trash or light demolition and junk removal, just give us a call On Mobile at (802) 595-3445 to schedule an appointment.